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Hello all, hope you had a lovely weekend. I did, on Friday I got an exciting email from a local organization who saw my blog in some recent press. They asked if I’d like to participate in a neighborhood housing fair to be held this spring to show attendees how to spruce up their homes. Would I love to ~ of course!

Since I’ve not done this sort of thing before I’m brainstorming all kinds of ideas on what to showcase. It will be fun and I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Since this opportunity came up so quick, it has me thinking a lot about blogging and privacy. Up until now my blog has been pretty private. I haven’t shared photos of the outside of my house or other details that I think would compromise our identity. This is very important to me.


However people in the community do know me and that I write this blog, so sometimes I find myself in the middle of an identity crisis. I work a full time job, that is no secret, and some people I work with know about my blog and read it {hi all!}. My wish is that my readers keep the two of me {oh no that sounds a little crazy} separate. The blogger and the coworker and friend.

But is this really possible? Would I ever get recognized on the street? What is a reader approaches me and I don’t know what to say? Will knowing that I blog affect people’s opinion of me? Am I doing enough to keep my family’s identity safe?

These are important questions.  Just like we put fences in our backyards and window film to keep the neighbors from looking in, we should be considering our blog privacy.


I’d love to know what kind of advice you have on keeping your home and self safe and perhaps anonymous while you blog. Is it something you consider? Do you take certain precautions?

I did a quick search online to see who has tackled this important topic before and here is what I came up with:  Jessica did a presentation on Blogging and Privacy at Bloggy Boot Camp. Here is the presentation. Blessed Homemaking has written about privacy while blogging.

Allison wrote a series on BlogHer about privacy and blogging. In fact if you do a search on BlogHer about privacy you’ll get an array of posts on the issue covering things like mom bloggers, facebook privacy and more.

Let’s discuss. Do you protect your identity online? What things do you do or not do as a blogger to keep your identity safe? Any other topics on privacy we should consider?


  1. Hey Jessica! I’m a new follower! Just seen this post and I have to be honest and say I’m probably not as private as I should be when it comes to blogging and just being online in general. I guess I just have to much trust and faith that nothing bad will ever happen to me (yeah, we all know that’s not true) I’m interested to see what other bloggers have to say on the topic..

  2. Hi Jessica, I would suggest a private email to the Nester. She is a blogger with a HUGE following, she has spoken at blog conferences, the entire mix and pretty much able to keep her privacy. I bet she would have helpful hints.
    I personally tell people I blog and really only protect the name of my nephew, whom I have full custody of for legal reasons. I think you will find a balance that works for you. oh and KUDOS for blogging with a full time job. (me too!)

  3. This is such a tough one, Jessica. I live in a relatively small community, but not super tiny – I think there’s about 77,000 widely spread out, but I came from super tiny, like 3500 people! I know what it’s like to know everyone and everyone know me… and for them to know what I’m up to! My husband and I have discussed this at length because he’s got a very visible on-line presence, and he works intimately with local businesses. And we really haven’t got a solution. We don’t have our address on our sites, I wondered about posting pics of my daughter, the exterior of our home, etc. In the end I have done both the latter. We just decided that we don’t really know who’s following us on-line, or otherwise, and it’s up to us to embrace our life as normally as we would if we didn’t have an on-line presence. We step out, and people have recognized us that we really don’t know, have never met. It’s kind of eerie, but at the same time, we apply the same awareness and precautions around safety that we would if we weren’t online. We are careful with what we say, and who we say it to. We support businesses we believe in, and causes as well. We try to keep business and personal separate so that we do have our private life to ourselves as much as possible, but honestly, with the way I blog, our life isn’t all that private in the end. But what I do share is always with permission from both my hubs and my daughter. If either feels compromised, I don’t post it. When that whole tracking thing first came out… I am at Starbucks on 123 Wherever Street…, my hubs was trying it on for size. But I was super uncomfortable with it and asked him to stop. So I really think in the end it comes down to what YOU are comfortable with regardless of what others have to say about it. Traci Zeller wrote a great post quite a long time ago as her home was burglarized… here’s the link

    It mainly covers hands-on tips to protect your home, but there are a few in there for us bloggers to keep in mind as well.

    Great topic!

  4. I used to try, but more opens up to you if you’re more public. Congrats on your tour. Digging backwards in the blog to see what local press you got! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  5. Hahaha. Wait until someone recognizes you at the Gyno office. 😉

  6. Obviously I’m in catch-up mode!

    This is such a good — and important! — question. And it’s funny: for me, I handle it differently at our two places. In LA, I never ever post exterior photos. Even though our condo is in a secure building, you just never know. But up in Truckee, a town of a whopping 16,000, I worry about it far, far less. Of course, I also don’t announce when we’re at what place or use Foursquare or any of those services. Of course, sometimes it’s tempting to tweet from somewhere, but I try to do that only if I know that Mark is home.

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