When in Doubt, Sand it

Last week I was facing a dresser dilema. The piece I tried glazing ended up looking a little too much like a wild animal and less like the industrial chic I was going for.

Enter my tiger striped dresser. Roar!

Dresser Makeover

The funny part is, I kind of liked it while I was painting it. “Oh yea, this looks good!

Looking back, it wasn’t coming out so hot. So I had to think of a plan.

Did I try another glaze color? Paint over it all? Live with a wild animal in the house?

My solution? The Dewalt 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander. {Affiliate Link}
Oh yea, the random orbital. Never fails me. It’s one of my favorite furniture tools, really. So I hit up the dresser and I loved what I saw!

Sanding Dresser

It was an interesting mix of silver and white (actually the primer), with a little wood even peeking through. Once I saw this I wanted to make sure it still had the silver look I was going for so I painted on one more coat of the Martha Stewart Precious Metals in tin with about a half glaze mix. It was just the trick.

Distressed Dresser

The tiger had left the building!

Sanding Furniture

Now this was a look I was excited about. And I only have two more steps until it is completed. Fix the broken drawers and add some hardware.

Furniture Makeover

That is a serious pile of projects in the background right? Happy Friday!

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