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Hello all. This week we are talking about organization. Yesterday I talked about how to get rid of stuff and today we have a special guest, Sheila from SZ Interiors who is here to give her three favorite tips for keeping your home organized. Sheila is one of those bloggers who I just connect with you know? And I’m so glad to have here here today. Sheila, thanks for visiting!


Jessica, it’s awesome to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me to share 3 of my favourite tips for keeping a home organized. With this fast paced, busy world we live in my approach is to look for what’s grinding at a space, keeping it from being in order, and then figure out how to change it. If we can solve the things that chafe, chances are there’ll be less temptation for clutter chaos to reign 😉 Have you ever noticed how clutter impacts more areas of your life than just your space?

Tip #1: Establish a place for everything in your home. I know, not original or new, but it’s key!

We’ve all heard this Benjamin Franklin quote before…

But honestly, this is where it all begins. I really believe in this motto, and here are a few ways to get started.
  • Think of your home in zones, and then decide what fits in each zone.
  • Be systematic and practical. Consider how you use your home, how you move through your home, and where you will instinctively think to look for things.
  • Make it easy to retrieve your items, and just as easy to put them back.
  • Resist setting things down to put away later – later sometimes never comes!
  • Do what works for you, and your family – don’t work against your personality, or your lifestyle…

Remember, if ‘it’ doesn’t have a place, it doesn’t have a home. So be honest, and be ruthless.

Tip #2: Create a quick list or reference sheet of those seldom used items you have stored.

This is really helpful for things tucked away, like seasonal items. Taking a photo of the storage, and then itemizing the contents goes a long way for quick retrieval.
These bins are home to things I seldom use. I keep this reference sheet in a drawer close by, and I’ve found it super handy. It’s saved me time, and has removed the searching frustration.

Tip #3: Labeling

Labeling seems like an extra step, but you’ll be glad you did!
I keep my spices in a drawer, and label the lids so I can find what I’m looking for at a glance.
And I write on containers that are on the higher shelves. Like my vinegars.
Oh, and a tip for those hard-to-reach-places… I keep a little step ladder handy.
Did I mention our ceilings are 9′ high? Without a step ladder I would never climb up to the top cupboards, and what a waste that would be!
Labeled, listed and tucked in it’s place! If you stick to this mini system it becomes a routine. And routine is the key to success for keeping an organized home.
If you are looking for a little inspirational read, I recommend Karen Kingston’s book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Even if you’re not into feng shui, this book is an easy read and full of great tips for life.
Thank you again, Jessica for inviting me over!
Thanks Sheila for coming by, maybe one day we will get to organize in person 🙂
So tell us friends, are you organizing at home these days? Any tips you want to share?
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  1. Sheila always gives 100% on her posts! I love her tips here.

    Well done, my friend!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. I am right on board with Sheila! And I keep stepladders stashed around our house, too. 😉

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