Our House Made of Paper

Although bloggers open their homes and are proud to display many photos of the inside of their houses, one part of the house we don’t often see is the outside. Some say it’s for security, and I agree, privacy is a good thing, so I’ve come up with another way to show you what my house actually looks like.

A paper sculpture.

A while a go I saw this idea on a blog called Fresh Nest Design that no longer seems to exist but I wanted to give them credit for this, because it is such a cute idea.

Here is where I live!

House Made of Paper

I made this with a simple piece of art that I thrifted {the one on the left}, some paint to freshen up the frame and inside and I used card stock paper you can find at any craft store. I painted the inside with light blue paint that I had on hand and the frame white. The one on the right is what I made our kitchen chalkboard calendar from. Each were $2 at a yard sale.

House Made of Paper

Then I got to work on my house design. Take a photo of your house as straight on as you can, and use that as a guide. You can print it or just reference from a photo, either way works.

Now at first this might seem complicated depending on how many floors you have or the structure of your house. Don’t over complicate it, just start with the basics.

Here is the first and second floors and the roof. You can easily see shapes based on your picture.

House Made of Paper

Once you get that down you can add the windows, with or without curtains, shutters, grass and whatnot. These pieces of paper are loose on the canvas at this point. You want to go for placement and size, making sure your trees are in proportion to the porch.Again use the photo, what is in front of what? How do the windows fit on the second floor? And so on.

House Made of Paper

Then you can glue it all down with regular or craft clue and some of those raised glue dots or foam to raise up the paper pieces. This is where the fun comes in to make your stairs look dimensional or the landscaping pop out.You can see I did this with our stairs, bushes, porch roof and columns.

House Made of Paper

I used scissors with different edges to create the roof layers. These scalloped edge scissors can create shingles! Or perhaps a pond you might have. Anyone have a pond? I also matched the paper color to the paint color of the rooms.

House Made of Paper

Here is a close up of the grass, simply cut the paper close together perpendicular, although not all the way through a strip of green paper.

We do have large bushes in front. The neighbor’s cat likes to sleep under them 🙂

Experiment with different colors of paper. It’s neat to see what you can create with paper.

House Made of Paper

And this is what my house looks like. Grey with white trim and grey shingles. Our steps goes down to the sidewalk and the bay windows on the second floor are my office.

House Made of Paper

What do you think? Wouldn’t these make great gifts for friends who move into a new home or move away to remember their old place? Or it’s even a fun kid’s craft. Will you make a paper sculpture of your house?

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  1. I love this! Your home is beautiful!! I will have to try this soon. My little ranch home may not be as interesting but it will be sentimental! Thanks for the cute idea!

  2. Really, really cute!

  3. This is just adorable!

  4. This is great, Jessica! What a neat idea, and your home is as awesome on the outside as what I’ve seen on the inside!

  5. this is such an awesome idea!! i totally love it! you know what – it would also make SUCH a neat and personal gift. i’m so impressed! 🙂 (definitely pinning this!)

  6. This is FUN! Love it. Great job!

  7. What a pretty house! you make it sound so easy, although i am sure had to make some creative decisions in terms of what details to gloss over for a clean simple looking design.

  8. I love this!

  9. I LOVE this idea! I’ve seen drawings of houses, which are cool, but I can’t draw well. I’m a pro at cutting paper, though! Can’t wait to get started!

  10. I’m popping over from BlogHer. I really like this idea! I will add it to my list of projects. Maybe, because I’m all cross-stitchy right now, I’ll cross stitch the name of my home someone on some felt. (I call my house Farmhouse Villa.)

  11. I love this and am definitely going to do one of our 60+ year old farmhouse that we’ve lived in for 27 years! YAY! Fun project.

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