Capiz Shell Chandelier + Dining Room Update

Even though we’re in a new year, I’m still working on putting the dining room together. It’s a long project.
The most recent item off the to do list is to hang the chandelier. I ordered the capiz chandy from West Elm and have been patiently waiting to get it hung up. See we have an old house and in our old house’s electrical areas are old wires, gas lines and bunches of other fun things. Like no studs to hang things from and no junction boxes.
But we knew this so we made do and called for reinforcements to figure out how to get the chandelier up there.
We removed the old light fixture. I was not sad to see it go. You want it? It’s yours.

Old Light Fixture

And we got the help of a friend who had some gas to electric conversion pieces that we attached to the gas line. There was electric up there, some old houses don’t even have that. We just needed to find a way to attach the fixture to something in the ceiling. The conversion piece {the triangle-like piece in the middle of the plate below} goes right on the gas line

Then we screwed in the new chandelier’s plate to that piece. It worked like a charm.

Chaldelier Plate

Two men up on ladders, a free lunch for the friend with the conversion piece and about 20 minutes later, the chandelier was up. With 372 little plastic bags around the capiz shells.

Hanging a Chandelier

Guess who got to take all those bags off?

But it was well worth it, like that episode of Design Star where Leslie unwrapped them all {she got the same chandy in the kitchen makeovers} and they were jingling for an hour. Only I wasn’t under a 10 minute deadline, thankfully.

West Elm Capiz Shell Chandelier

I’m really really, really happy with this chandelier. It is much needed glamour.But wait, it’s not just a chandelier. Guess what happens when the wind comes through the room, or someone walks in his office on the second floor?

Yes, my chandelier turns into a wind chime.

West Elm Capiz Shell Chandelier

I guess I didn’t think about that happening, but it’s not so bad. Mrs. T did warn me after all, she has the same one.

West Elm Capiz Shell Changelier

I’m loving it against the grey walls. What do you think?

Another item on the dining room to do list bites the dust. Only a few more to go! Here are the dining room makeover tasks.

Pick out a wallpaper for in between the wall slats
Order the wall paper
Select a paint color for the top half of the room and paint
Decide if we are painting the ceiling or not Nope, not painting it
Remove blinds and clean windows
Buy and put up window film
Find fabulous fabric for the window treatments. I got curtains from Ikea and hung those
Make curtains (if I buy fabric) and roman shades and hang them all
Make frames for mirror wall art
Buy frames (or find some) for other wall art I have planned
Decide which color to paint buffet and then paint it
Find new hardware for the buffet
Find lamps and shades for the buffet, repaint part of the new lamps
Decide on/find other wall art?
Pick out and buy a rug
Get a new chandelier
Other lighting? Mini lamp makeover is here.
Throw a dinner party to enjoy our new room


  1. That chandelier is just gorgeous. And a bonus of the soft fluttering of all those shells. Great pick.

  2. It’s beautiful! I love it!

  3. I LOVE it! And who doesn’t like the sound of wind chimes? 😉

  4. Looks great! And PS – what progress on your list!!

  5. Love the chandelier!!

  6. Love it of course!!!! 🙂

  7. LOVE IT!! Looks stunning! 🙂

  8. Looks amazing. 🙂

  9. Love it! I love when the wind comes through, but it makes me a little nervous that one of those gazillion shells is going to break!

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