Blog Goals 2012

Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. I tend to take a break from blogging on the weekend, although I still Tweet here and there, if you want to see what I’m up to on those “days off”.

I’ve been thinking about blog goals for a while and am disappointed I didn’t do them last year.  So here they are, my intentions for Decor Adventures this year. Some goals, some to do’s, some fun!

Make Friends ~ To put it simply, will you be my friend? I’d like to meet more of you, host guest bloggers and guest blog when I can. Can we talk on Skype? Email each other outside of comments? I’d like to get you KNOW you readers! As in real life. Well, as much as we can over the miles.

While this is my top goal, it’s also the most elusive. How do you get to know people that live across the country? What can I say that won’t make me sound like a big dork?
I promise you I’m totally normal. I like to thrift, you like to thrift. I have an 80’s bathroom that needs a makeover, you have an 80’s bathroom that needs a makeover. I have more spray paint than Valu, you have more spray paint than Valu. See, we’re best friends already 🙂

Plan It Out ~ I’ve been planning a lot for the blog this year, unlike in years past. When I have an idea for a post I write it down in the notes app on my phone. Then I transfer it to a Google Doc spreadsheet so I can see what I want to do for the month and am not scrambling for what to write. I really need to pay attention to this more and get on top of the photography. It’s always where I’m lacking. Which brings me to the next goal.

Pretty Photos ~ I’m lucky enough to have gotten two new cameras recently and a tripod for Christmas. Since I dropped my older point and shoot, I got the Canon PowerShot Elph which I am more impressed with each time I use it. That little thing has power!
And, I did not see this one coming, but we did get a Canon Rebel just after the holidays. The god of cameras, I’ve been having some fun with it as seen here and here. I am so impressed with it and look around the house for things to photograph. I’m really happy to have this both for memories and blogging.

Connect, Connect, Connect ~ This one bears repeating. I want to do more connecting with other bloggers.  Link up my projects more often, participate in a blog series, showcase other bloggers when I can.

I realize that people find out about blogs through other blogs and I’m not going to reach my goals if I sit here and wait for people to find me. I’ve got to get out there. So if you have tips, want to do some blogging together or have other ideas, I’d love to hear them!
Help You Out ~ I also realize that you come to read my blog for a reason and I want that to be a good reason. I plan to have more useful topics in the coming months, you know, info you can use, be inspired by and enjoy.

I plan to keep this in mind when planning, connecting and writing. Almost all my top posts from last year were how to’s and that is no accident. More how to’s will be on the way! Any special requests?

Identify Success ~ This is also a hard one, but related to the above. How do I know if I’m successful at blogging? Am I really having fun doing all these projects? Am I happy with my home? If not, how do I cope with that? Do I measure success in numbers, friends, or something else? What is my intention with all of this?

Some hard questions, but important answers. This is where the balance comes in because I do work full time and now am in grad school full time as well. I don’t pretend to want to “do it all” whatever that even means these days. I want to be happy and healthy and spend quality time with my loved ones. These are my intentions in life. Blogging is a hobby, my creative outlet, something I do for fun, not money and I intend to keep it that way.

Miscellaneous ~ A little housekeeping. There are some things I need to do, or want to.
  • Get a professional profile picture. Check! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. One day I put on some makeup, sat down next to some nice natural light and hubs shot some pics.
  • Switch to WordPress? A question mark since I don’t really know how to make it happen or if it’s for me. I do know that I’m more frustrated with my current software and need to find a quicker better way to host photos, write posts and improve the overall look and organization of the blog in general. My husband does graphic and web design and we started talking about it already. Let’s hope!
  • Get business cards. I don’t have these yet, but I’m going to Haven in June and need to be prepared. I’m trying to think of a fun business card-like thing I can take with me. My URL on a paint brush? A can of Decor Adventures primer for everyone? I’ll think of something…
And I think that about covers it! Did you make blog goals this year? Have you wanted to?
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  1. Nice goals! I’d also like to have better photos and preplan my posts.

    As far as WordPress goes, I rarely like wordpress blogs. I’m not sure why. I hate commenting on them and the layouts don’t seem intuitive to me.

    That’s just me though!

  2. Your goals are great, Jessica!

    Better photos is an ongoing goal for me, and so is growing my blogging world of friends. At the end of the day my biggest goal for my blog is to bring value to my readers with each article I write.

    Like you, I take the weekends off from blogging, and am liking the structure that brings to the writing side of things. I NEED a new profile pic in the worst way – at all! And I want to give my blog a cleaner look… create a ‘grab my button’, all that stuff.

    I am on WordPress, but I often like the look of Blogger sites better. I don’t experience the amount of technical issues I so often read about with Blogger. In fact, I rarely have technical problems, and I’m lucky to have a hubby who deals with all that for me anyway. And now with this whole Google Friend Connect thing, it’s hard to say what the best way is to go. Some of the bigger bloggers out there have switched to WordPress from Blogger, so I think it comes down to how much effort you want to put into making a change vs. how much value you will get out of the change.

    Will be right in stride with you through the year working away on goals!

    Have a great day 🙂

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  4. Fantastic goals! Very achievable & can’t wait to see what you do 🙂

  5. I consider you a friend and to be your friend! There you go – one on your list already! 🙂

    I love these goals – most specifically the “make friends” and “connect, connect, connect” ones because those are always goals of mine. I can’t wait to see what this year brings for your blog! I’d also love to swap posts as well. I’m always looking for guest bloggers! 🙂

  6. I hear ya… I can relate with several of your goals! I need to do business cards for Haven too, and I can feel ya on the blogger/wordpress issue. Mine just got disabled by google last week and had NO IDEA if it would be coming back. I had resisted the idea of moving up until that point. Excited to be moving over, but scared too at learning a new system. 🙂

  7. I meant to comment on this post weeks ago! I think those are great goals, and I would love to be bloggy friends. 🙂 If you’re ever interested in writing anything to do with hosting, entertaining, decor for guests or parties, etc., I’d love for you to guest blog at my place. (Also happy to return the favor.)

    I always enjoy your projects, both your explanations and the outcomes, so I think you’re definitely providing that service already!

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