Wallpaper and Paint, Check, Check

Yesterday I shared my long to do list I call the Dining Room Project. Why do I name my projects? I don’t know. But they sound better than “A room that desperately needs a makeover and what I’m doing to get it there” right? Do you name your projects?

The dining room is the one space in the house that has not received any of our decor love since we moved in last year. In less than 3 weeks I’ll be hosting my sister’s wedding shower in that room so it was about time to whip it into shape!

Here is our list for the makeover with some already checked items, horray.

Pick out a wallpaper for in between the wall slats
Order the wall paper {Done even though it’s been delayed. I should have ordered it earlier, grrr}
Select a paint color for the top half of the room and paint
Decide if we are painting the ceiling or not {Not right now, we want to see how the room comes together otherwise}
Remove blinds and clean windows
Buy and put up window film
Find fabulous fabric for the window treatments
Make curtains (if I buy fabric) and roman shades and hang them all
Make frames for mirror wall art
Buy frames (or find some) for other wall art I have planned
Decide which color to paint buffet and then paint it
Find new hardware for the buffet
Find lamps and shades for the buffet, repaint part of the new lamps
Decide on/find other wall art?
Pick out and buy a rug
Get a new chandelier
Other lighting?
Throw a dinner party to enjoy our new room! {I added this one today}

This past weekend was a chance to do some crossing of of that list so off I went. First up was the wallpaper. I started my selection process here. Can you tell which color won?

Grass Cloth
The lighter one. And I can’t wait to get it. Wouldn’t you know it was supposed to arrive by now but I got a call saying it won’t be in until the 27th.¬†Oh I started making a bad noise on the phone when customer service told me that. Like a groaning I should have ordered it earlier noise. I have 30 people coming to my house 5 days after that. Five days!

Sure I can hang half a room of wallpaper in 5 days, no problem. After I calmed down form that slight panic, I realized I could then pick out a paint color too and get started on that.

We started with lots of paint color chips on the wall. This was actually back at the holiday time as you can see part of my decorations on the mirror.

Paint Chips
Then we narrowed it down. First I thought I’d put up some of the greys I already have in the house and some samples I got to see if any of those would work. Not to confuse myself I even labeled them with chalk on the wall.

Paint Colors on Wall
Process of elimination was easy.

Dining Room Paint color choices
Then I tried our possible just right color with the wallpaper.

Ahh, now we’re talking. This seemed like a natural fit. It was the only paint that seemed to coordinate with the paper so we went with it. Driftwood Grey by Martha Stewart it is.

Off to buy paint. And while I’m at it, window film. I love checking items of a list, especially a list as long as this one.

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  1. I’m really excited to see how it turns out!

  2. Really looking forward to living vicariously through you and reading about the grasscloth installation (because I’m too chicken to commit to wallpaper).

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