Dresser Sneek Peek and Some Knobs

That title didn’t exactly come out like I hoped! This is a family show after all.

The other week I adopted a dresser from right down the street. It was homeless in need of some love so into my garage it moved.


While this isn’t a total reveal of its makeover, I wanted to show you the knobs I picked out for it cause I’m not too sure about them yet.

My last step after painting and poly-ing was to get some new pulls so off to drawer pull heaven Hob Lob I went. I specifically waited for 50% off week cause this girl needs to start saving some money.

At $1.50 each after the discount I couldn’t go wrong. But tell me honestly what do you think of them?


I wanted something contrasting, but I think this is coming off a bit too primary.

I like the round shape but don’t know if they are totally right. I was hoping to get a little bling in this room and they have crystal ones I was eyeing. Maybe I should go get the crystal knobs? This kind of reminds me of a little boys room.

Blue Dresser

They pull out the white in the garden seat and rug but I just don’t know if I’m diggin it. What color pulls do you tend to like? Any other color suggestion for this shiny blue baby?

Thoughts on my knobs? Discuss.

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  1. I love the dresser makeover, but I’m with you… go get the crystal ones. They’ll be fab on this piece and will set it off perfectly 🙂

  2. Im voting Crystal knobs too. Even if you’re still unsure you could buy them next time theyre 1/2 off, try them and see what you think. But Id go with crystal. You yourself said you want more bling. Go for it girl!

  3. I also vote for crystal!

  4. Sooo I’m gonna play devils advocate and say stick with the white. The crystal will sparkle a little, but you’ll see the blue through it and it won’t contrast as nicely as the white…. that’s just what I think though.

    I think the white looks fantastic! 🙂

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