My House is Trying to Tell Me Something

Happy Friday all! It’s the weekend and you know what that means….projects! I swear once Friday afternoon hits, I pull out my iphone {I’m trying to go paperless} and start making a list of things I want to accomplish over the next 48 hours.  Productivity obsessed? Maybe. Lover of homey stuff? I think so.

While I’m doing things at my place like painting the foyer {still, I know}, decorating for spring, or spray painting something in the basement, I’ve noticed my home is trying to tell me something. See if this is happening to you too.

Take our bed for example.


This doesn’t mean someone was late getting up and jumped out of bed to be on time for work. It means, the flannel sheets are so cozy, someone was having a good rest and didn’t want to get out of them.
The bed tells me “Don’t complain over a half made bed, be thankful you have someone who loves the sheets you pick out.”

Bet you can guess which side is mine and which is The Chef’s 🙂

The same kind of thing happens on the couch. A scene like this isn’t me forgetting how to fold the blanket and wanting to leave a mess.  It’s a result of this-blanket-is-so-warm-and-this-couch-is-so-comfy late at night scenario.

“Go to work and don’t worry about tidying up the living room. I’ll be ready for more lounging right here when you get back,” my couch announces.

Living Room
Then there is the bathroom.


Here you’ll see a hand towel where the bath towels hang. Someone didn’t realize the towels were being washed and should have gotten a clean one from the closet. No. Someone was excited to take a warm shower in the sparkly clean tub and grabbed anything he they could find. Ahh, that’s it, riiiiiiiight 🙂

This bathroom also says, no begs, “Give me a makeover!”

The kitchen is definitely talking to me.


It doesn’t yell at me “What the heck are a drop cloth and picture frames doing on the counter?”  It whispers “You’re a blogger who sometimes photographs things on my counter in the natural sun light, I get it.”

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m hearing things. But maybe I’m seeing the life all around my home, messy, lived in, whichever.
Is your house trying to tell you something too?


  1. I am obsessive about making my bed every morning but I must say that mine looks just like yours this morning!

  2. Karen Cohen says:

    What a GREAT entry- not just design & decor wisdom but life-wisdom too. LOVE it and LOVE your fresh and valuable perspective. Enjoy and keep listening and looking with that artful eye as you do.

  3. okay – i totally love your sheets! where did you get them?

  4. haha! This post made me giggle. I feel the same way about the bed and the couch at my house. =]

  5. My house is currently trying to tell me: Clean ME!

  6. my rental is telling me “get out of this tacky mess and get your own house already!”


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. My house is telling me “One day your 3 kids will have all left home and you’ll be wishing you could see their junk everywhere, so relax and enjoy the ride”.
    Great post!

  8. Such a good post.

    I too love tidyness and order, but I also learned that those signs of company, of other living in the same house are what makes it a home and not a showroom.

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