Map Wall Decor Pottery Barn Knock Off

Decor inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes for me it’s in the form of a simple catalog from Pottery Barn.The day this 150-page inspiration guide comes in the mail I can be found on the couch, under a blanket {since it hasn’t warmed up yet!}, perusing for hours. I pour over the objects within again and again until I figure out a way to bring some PB style to my own home, without the PB prices of course.


The important elements in this image are: The map and graphic prints, the architectural element, the wood tones and the candles. Here is my knock off map wall in our foyer.

Map Wall

Map Wall Decor

Map Wall Decor

This was thrown together one night at about 10:00pm. {Nobody said inspiration was timely did they?}

I had some old maps but tried them out and they just weren’t working for me. I went to the next best thing which were pages from a book I got at a free swap event last fall. It has all these images that I wasn’t sure just what to do with until this project. I’d thought about framing them but haven’t gotten any frames yet but they worked perfectly here.

Map Wall Decor
There are all kinds of images and graphic prints that are so interesting, especially up on the wall. I stuck them on all professional style with my low tack painters tape 🙂 That’s all! I hope it doesn’t do anything to our paint-over-wallpaper-walls :-)~

I did add some framed maps to the scene.

Map Wall Decor
The one on the left is a map of the Bahamas we got on our honeymoon, the other is a framed fabric sample I got on clearance. Can you believe that is a piece of fabric?

Map Wall Decor
The mirror is thrifted. I’m looking for another one like this for our bedroom possibly.

Map Wall Decor
My architectural element was given to me from a friend who didn’t want it. It’s actually part of a wooden oval frame. I have the other parts but there is a small connector piece missing so I don’t have the whole oval. I need to come up with a way to make that little part but for now I love this ornate piece of the frame.

Map Wall Decor
It was in a fire so I had to clean off some ashes, but it added to the character of the wood tone.

Map Wall Decor
Lastly I added some ivory candles to my dollar store hurricanes. They are so versatile! {Have you made any of these $2 beauties yet?}  Also in the foyer I added a flour sack to our bulletin board.

Map Wall Decor

But I caught it back there and have been looking for a place for my thrifted flour sacks for a while.

Map Wall Decor

Map Wall Decor

Up on the bulletin board it went. I have two more waiting for a home. Make that one more. The other has plans to reupholster a stool soon. And that’s my knocked off map wall look in the foyer, what do you think? Is it a close knock off? I think it’s a little creative, quirky, and totally free! I didn’t purchase anything for this look. That’s probably my favorite part 🙂

Map Wall Decor

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  1. i love the mantel! its beautiful! and im right there with you on the couch/blanket/pottery barn syndrome. swoon!

  2. I adore it! I especially like the pages from the book, they are so ornate and beautiful. Very inspired, Jessica.

  3. Wow this is stunning! I thought it was the PB Catalog…seriously! Job well done!

  4. That turned out so beautifully! It’s so eclectic.

  5. Love this! Just smashing! i might try and create this on one of my walls

  6. Visiting from Kimbas! And I love it!! Brilliant not framing the pages! And that sack…swoon!!! 🙂 OMG! I have just one and I am debating what to do with it. Oh and that framed fabric…amazing!! 🙂

  7. Lovely blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!!

  8. I love it! You’ve done a great job and I love it that you didn’t copy what PB did exactly but just took the main elements and used that as your inspiration and jumping point. Great job!


  9. Very pretty! I love all the layers!

  10. This is gorgeous – I like it even better than the Pottery Barn inspiration! I also love your paint color! I’m you newest follower and I’m looking forward to exploring your site some more! I’d love it if you’d follow me back and visit my site sometime, too –

  11. Wow, this looks beautiful!!


  1. […] interesting book at a free thrift swap that has such interesting art on the pages, I decided to hang them all right up on the wall without a frame or anything. Double sided or even painters tape will work for a project like this. […]

  2. […] interesting book at a free thrift swap that has such interesting art on the pages, I decided to hang them all right up on the wall without a frame or anything. Double sided or even painters tape will work for a project like this. […]

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