Christmas Craft: Glitter Trees

I have a new crush on glitter.  Maybe I’m behind the times, but I’ve had some in my craft closet for years and didn’t pull it out. Until now. I think Miss Mustard Seed got me addicted. She has some beautiful glitter projects going on if you haven’t seen.

My interest was fully sparked after seeing this project. Glitter trees in bright colors, how fun. My creative side came out when I realized I could make these for {almost} free.

Enter some cheapo supplies.
  • Poster board ~ Hubs had a stash that I rescued from the closet and the real foam forms are upwards of $14.99 each. Out of my craft price range.
  • Spray glue ~ On hand, we’re artsy people
  • Glitter in your favorite color ~ Got some in white at AC Moore
  • Glue gun and sticks ~ Also had
  • Rubber bands and a stapler ~ To make holding the shape easier
  • Fur trim, for fun! ~ From Joanns, less than a buck!
Making the trees is simple and quick. You can make half a forest in the time it takes to watch House Hunters.
First, roll up the poster board to the size tree you’d like. I wanted tall so I used a whole sheet.

As it is rolled, draw a line where you’ll “cut out” the shape, then cut it there. You’ll end up with this.


Roll up the tree into the shape you’d like, keeping one end more narrow than the other. You can staple in as far as you can reach if your tree is big enough for the stapler to get inside.
Hot glue the seam to the tree part and hold it with rubber bands while it dries.


If your tree is tall and narrow you can make little feet and glue them to the inside on the bottom like so. The feet will help it stand up.


Then apply your glitter. Spray lightly and sprinkle away. You can make it thin or thick depending on how much sparkle you want. Just spray and shake, spray and shake.


I held the tree by parts that hadn’t been glittered yet. Once you cover most of it, try this. See the staples below.


To snaz up the bottom and cover the feet, hot glue your trim along the bottom rim.


I made two trees for a mini forest and put them on the mantle with a red Dollar Tree tree.

Glitter Trees


And it’s as easy as that. Glitter poster board trees, simple, chic and best of all nearly free.
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  1. I love it. I think I’ll try this with my leftover cardstock. Thanks

  2. beautiful. your simple mantle is so elegant. love love love!

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