Picture Frame Projects

Last week you saw some fun things I’ve done with picture frames. And I also told you about how you can fix up frames yourself.  There are tons of ideas for reusing frames and it only takes a few bucks to get yourself some original wall hangings for your place.

Here are some projects I’ve done with frames.

This HOME sign was an old wall hanging which I was growing tired of.


I wanted something natural and neutral and when I found some plaster letters on clearance at Joanns I knew exactly what I’d do with them.

First I spray painted the piece white. Then I cut a piece of burlap to use as a “frame” on the front. I glued it on with craft glue. No worries it doesn’t show through, but holds on the fabric well. I pulled off some of the edges of the burlap to make it a little smaller and a little casual.

Making a sign

Then I spray painted the letters with black chalkboard paint and seasoned them with some chalk. Lastly you just place the letters where you want them and glue them on with craft glue. Easy fun art that cost me about 50 cents {I had the piece, burlap and spray paint}.


Here is another way you can use a frame. This one was on clearance at HomeGoods for half off.  At $7.00 I got it because I liked the distressed square frame, not so much the art inside.


I took it apart {never worry about this, nobody will see the back} but kept a piece to use as backing.


I found the map fabric at Joanns on sale for two bucks and it fit perfectly in the frame. So I placed it over the backing and pushed down the pieces that hold it in.

Map Frame

And there it is – original art for the wall at $9.00.

Map Frame
This sad thing I got for $2.00. It had no glass, no mat, no art inside and some serious chips on the corners, but it was a nice shape and I knew I could do something fun with it.


After I used wood filler on the chips and painted it to match, I cut a piece of fabric and spray glued it on a piece of thin cardboard. Make sure you iron the fabric before you put it into a piece.

Then I used these keys we had and hot glued them onto the fabric. They keys were old ones from our house. We just moved in this June, and when I saw these lying around in the basement I thought they would be fun to do something with.

Right now it’s hanging out at the fireplace, but I plan to put it on the wall as soon as we get to hanging things up.

There you have 3 ways to reuse old frames and how to do make some castaways decor for your home. Have you done anything fun and creative with frames you’d like to share. Leave a comment and tell me all about it.


  1. Those are great_ I love the Key one!!

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