Fall Mornings

When I wake up on the weekends and all is still in the house, I make my way downstairs to start my day. It’s usually when the hubs is fast asleep and I can steal some moments alone in our new home.

Sometimes I roam around the first floor, looking at everything closely, still realizing that this place all ours.  It’s not a small apartment where you can’t fit anything, it’s our first house, spacious enough and ready for us to make memories in it.

Long after the candles have been blown out from the previous night’s events, I feel happy and excited to begin our married life in this place.


I usually find my way to the kitchen and make myself some tea. I can tell the fall air is crisp outside, and I love seeing signs of the season around our rooms.

Kitchen Gourds

So I choose some green decaf {my favorite} from the basket of warm beverages I’ve prepare on the counter. Having warm drink options readily accessible is an easy way to embrace the season of fall.


When the tea is ready, I love to sit here near the backdoor to gaze outside, even if it is cloudy and cool.  I think about the friends who will pass through our kitchen for a dinner party.  I think about the family who will come for a holiday dinner or who may yet to be in this new home of ours.


It’s sweet to wake up for a few minutes as I sip my beverage from my favorite fall ghost mug :-)

Ghost Mug

These simple things are what I enjoy the most these days.  What about you? Are you enjoying the little things in life this season?

*Update* I’ve entered this in Layla’s A Few of My Favorite Blog Posts of 2010 because this was a simple, reflective post, which I don’t normally write. I also liked the photography :-)

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