2009 Highlights and Projects

So I’m a little behind in my year-in-review posts.  Forgive me please?  The internet is still down at home.
I want to show you some highlights of my year, some favorite posts and things I did these past 12 months.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to see what I did accomplish.  Hopefully it will shame me into getting my butt in shape to take on more adventures in 2010.

2009 Highlights

I got engaged! Woo hoo! The Chef said those 4 famous words and I said yes.  Read about our romantic night at Rockefeller Center here.

That’s me being a Chef for the moment with my free birthday hat from the hibachi restaurant and the actual chef (my now fiance) stealing some of my margarita in Mexico at Epcot.

My sister got engaged!  {OK enough exclamation points} 13 months between our births.  3 weeks between our engagements.  Ha! My mom is still in shock.  “I knew it would happen all at one time with your girls,” Mom said.  Boy was she right.

I completed a whole year of blogging.  I started writing in December 2008 and still feel like a newbie.  I’d like to network more in 2010, you know mingle with the people, get featured, do featuring, blog it up with some other great ladies whose work I love, hint, hint :-)

Launched this new blog Decor Adventures in October, got a fancy new banner and button compliments of my fiance who is a graphic designer extraordinaire.  Really that’s his profession, he’s just a chef in our kitchen at home, hence his bloggy name.

Started showcasing my apartment via photo tours.  So far I have the living room and kitchen pics up.

Won a giveaway from Jess at Make Under My Life, my first.  I got some lovely note cards from PVE Design.

Turned a plain old Adirondack chair into a motorcycle. See the before and after.

Scored some great finds at Garage Sale Sunday, a favorite local flea market in May, August and September.

Hosted my first Thanksgiving in my living room.  Brined turkey and all.  Survey says it was a success.

My Finished Projects

  • Upcycled end tables. These were the 2nd refinishing project I did.  They reside in my living room.
  • The oak table, below.  This was a structural re-do for my bedroom.  See the before, during and after.
  • The oak mirror.  Sanded to its original wood finish, it hangs in my living room.
  • The stool, my first refinishing/reupholstering combo job
  • Painted mom’s living room
  • Remodeled mom’s bathroom as a surprise, see below
  • Installed the pot rack in the kitchen
  • Set up a worm composting farm and harvested their goods.  The little buggers are doing great.
  • Bought and painted an old church candle holder.
  • Rescued an old frame from the curb and turned it into a jewelry holder.  This was one of my favorite posts only because I felt I did a good job on the DIY tutorial.  I’m still learning.
The Ongoing Projects
The ice chest.  I even featured this on The Procrastinator’s party, and it’s still not done.  Sanding will be the death of me!  See the before and during.
The white chair.  The first piece I am spray painting.  Shocker I know!  It’s currently waiting for the 2nd coat.

The red sewing table.  After much color contemplation I ordered Spice by Minwax.  Coat #3 should go on soon if the stain gods are with me.

The red reupholstery job.  My first fabric re-do, the red chair is waiting for arm covers, a back, legs refinishing and the ticking on the bottom.  Gosh, writing this all out makes me seem like a slacker.

Projects in the Wings

  • Side chairs that match the stool.
  • A John Stuart side table.  This one might include some wood work, but it will be an interesting piece.
  • There is another chair, an end table, and a footboard hanging around too.  Some people collect dishes, I collect furniture.  Wait, I collect both.  Plus I’m acquiring at least 2 more pieces soon.
  • Photo organization.  I’ve got folders and folders of photos to put into albums.  This is a good projects for these early wintery days of the year.
  • Scrapbooking.  Do you scrapbook?  I haven’t yet but make greeting cards so I have all the supplies.  I have some surprise projects in mind that I’d like to get to soon.

There I have it.  Now that I put the list all together I don’t feel like such a bum.  Things have been busy!

How about you.  Did you put together your 2009 accomplishments?  What are your exciting plans for 2010?  I’d love to hear what you are up to, do tell.
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