A Bathroom Renovation Problem Solved

One of the major problems we, and I’m sure a lot of you, encounter in home renovation is where to find materials for projects. Or what to do about a project that you don’t exactly know how to do yourself. This is happening now is our forever-long basement bathroom renovation. Seriously the longest reno is home improvement history.

I left a job, had a baby, am working on my Ph.D. and all that jazz. Renovations and even simple decorating projects don’t get the attention they need.

Part of the reason it’s taking years for us to makeover a small bath is because we didn’t know what to do about the shower part of the space. The toilet, floor, plank wall, lighting, and vanity were no problem. We even put up drywall ourselves.

Silver Leaf Mirror

There was a cheap and dirty shower stall there when we moved in. It was the first thing that came out once we decided to gut the room. After we framed out the room, the shower area has come out to be a non-standard size. After months of thinking about how we possibly could have a shower base in there and how we could afford one, since custom sizes are a LOT of money, we decided to simply put in a small bench in the remainder of the space where a standard shower pan will fit.

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Bright + Modern Home Office Makeover

I believe in letting a room in your home evolve as you live there. I’ve never once makeover or set up a space all at one time, or even in a month. The home office makeover you’re about to see came together over several years in fact and finally got to a place where I am happy with how it looks and functions and can show you the entire room.

Last we saw the home office I had finished the gallery wall and before that the fireplace.

Home Office Makeover

Other things I had done in the room were customize the curtains with a blue ikat fabric and painted a dresser a long while ago. This room serves as my home office where I do grad school homework and a place where I do some craft projects. Mostly I store craft items, books, and all of my purses, photo albums and that sort of thing.

Cora and I spend lots of time here during the day, she in her little swing, me at my desk blogging or doing homework. It gets a lot of light and feels very comfortable to me so I like being in there with her. Here is the room before and lots of after pictures so you can see how it looks after I finished all the projects I wanted to accomplish.

Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover

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How About a Black Ceiling?

If you love decorating like I do then you realize that painted ceilings are in these days. And if you’re going to paint a ceiling, why not go bold right? That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking in my plans for the show house closet. It was finally my chance to do something MAJOR and so a black ceiling will be it.

My husband is afraid I’ll paint one in the house.

I’ve tried to convince him of how awesome it will look.

He’s not buying.

So the black ceiling will have to be relegated to the show house and not my own house, and today I want to show you the entire design for the space. Monday I showed the before pictures.

The entire design was created around this fabric. It’s actually a tapestry from Urban Outfitters that I plan to use for the curtains. It’s a bright and bold fabric that I can’t even believe I would pick, but I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it in the space.

Floral Tapestry Fabric

A piece like this is perfect inspiration because you can take colors from it and use them for the rest of the design, which is exactly what I’ve done. Here are all the elements in the room and what I plan to do with them.

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Show House Closet Before

Hello friends. Hope you had a nice weekend. We got to spend some time at home but also took Cora out to a few places, like Wegmans, which is a very exciting if you have one where you live, you know. She hasn’t been out much at all, but is getting more used to it, I think. I just love being her mom, she’s such a joy. She had her Instagram debut, did you see it?

Today I wanted to show you the show house closet space that I’m working on. It’s the first time I’ve actually designed a room this way and done a show house, so I’m really honored to be working on it. This is the Junior League of Buffalo’s Decorators Show House, which is open April 25 to May 17.

We started in the place last Tuesday and only get to get in there twice a week for now, but there will be more time in April. Now you can’t say I didn’t warn you these are definitely BEFORE pictures. There’s not even in a floor in it.

Show House Closet Before

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Win $500 to Redecorate this Month

Win $500

Or to remodel or to redo, or repaint or re-anything!

Happy Friday friends. I don’t think this post today needs much explanation. My friend Julie at Redhead Can Decorate is celebrating her 3 year blog anniversary – a blogiversary as we call it. To celebrate, she’s invited all of us to giveaway $500 to one of you. Yahoo! Who doesn’t love to win money?

Julie invited me to write for her blog last year and I’ve been showcasing DIY and home decor projects there each month. See all the posts HERE. We got to meet last summer when she was visiting her parents here in Western New York. Julie is a doll, I loved meeting her in person, so please wish her a happy blogiversary! Here we are at a get together when I was several months pregnant at the time. Photo credit is to Julie.

Decor Adventures and Redhead Can Decorate

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Furniture Painting Tips + A Dresser Makeover

Hi friends. Today I’m handing out with Pretty Handy Girl and we’re painting furniture. Come over to see all kinds of tips on How to Paint and Upgrade Furniture Like a Pro. So now you can take that thrift store find and make it shine.

Read the post HERE.

How to Paint Furniture

Plus I’m showing you a dresser makeover that was an upgrade for our master bedroom. Here is the before, see the after HERE.

How to Paint Furniture


See you later in the week for a $500 cash giveaway. Because redecorating your space is no fun with out cash right?


Unique Wine Rack from an Old Dresser

Unique Wine Rack from an Old Dresser

Hi everyone. You know those times when you have a brilliant idea for a furniture makeover? Today is one of those projects and I’m excited to show you the step by step. It’s how to turn an old dresser into a rack to hold your favorite reds and whites – wine that is!

One of my favorite things to do is redo furniture. Chairs, mirrors, tables, dressers, you name it. A while back I found this dresser at a thrift shop for only $10 and took it home only to find the drawers didn’t work well at all. I had an idea to ditch the two large drawers and turn this piece into a wine rack. If it doesn’t work for clothes, why not make it work for wine! Here is how to make your own unique wine rack from a dresser.


Many of these materials are based on how I painted the dresser and how we cut the shelves. We cut them ourselves with a table saw, but if you don’t have one, you can have them cut at the home improvement store or use a circular saw.

  • Dresser with a few drawers removed


  • Primer, paint, stain, paint brush and roller;
  • Furniture wax or sealant/polycrylic (or whatever you might want to use to finish the dresser)


  • Two 2’x4’ sheets of ½” MDF
  • Two pieces of quarter round to finish fronts of shelves;
  • Several feet of ½” square wood dowels {they come in 36” pieces}


  • Table saw {unless you have the shelves cut to size at the home improvement store};
  • Nail gun
  • Nails
  • Air compressor
  • Random orbital sander {Optional if you distress the dresser}
  • Miter saw or hand saw


  • Wood glue;
  • 220-300 Sand block or sand paper.

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