How to Color Block a Wall

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How to Color Block a Wall

Not only am I working on a makeover of a walk-in closet in the show house this month, but I’m also helping my cousin Tim with the master bedroom he is making over for the room too. It’s a large space in the carriage house on the property of the show house and since it will get seen by tens of thousands of people, he decided to do something fun on the walls.

There are tons of paint options to add a little pizzaz to your home. Stripes, ceilings, even different shapes like chevron. Most people think of painting an entire wall but you can get a fun look with color blocking. This means to basically create a block of color on the wall.

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Show House Carriage House Master Bedroom Before

We’re closing in on the show house opening in about a week and a half and it’s pretty exciting to see a room evolve as each layer gets added. My cousin Tim and I are on this makeover journey together, neither of us had done a show house space before. I’m making over a walk-in closet and he is doing this master bedroom.

Show House Bedroom Before

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Show House Updates + The Baby Helps Us DIY

Things are getting busy around here with the show house opening next weekend. We’ve only got a few days left to decorate our spaces and it feels kind of like one of those home remodel shows where they do an entire kitchen makeover in 48 hours. Ahhh!

There’s been a ton of repair in the carriage house where my closet is, so about half the time it’s been closed and we can’t work there. I’ve been rushing to work and paint after Dan gets home from work and as of today my space doesn’t even have a floor yet. Small detail right?

Here’s what I’ve done so far. If you remember the design and the before, once we got paint on the walls, things started to look a little better. I tested out what the curtains fabric looked like and was really excited to see it in the space. This fabric was the inspiration for the entire design.

Show House Curtains

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Friday Favorites: Copper Accents

Did you know that copper is joining gold as a new metallic this season? Although nothing will replace gold’s look (and it’s definitely not going away), copper is making quite an appearance and there are so many ways to bring its rich tone into a space of yours.

Did you see my copper and marble lamp on Monday? I really love the look of it, copper is such a fresh color.

I love the way it pairs with blue, gray and all the neutrals in my home. There’s a nice warmth to copper that you might not expect. You can even use spray paint to get the look for less and makeover an accessory you already own. Think you would bring some copper into your place this season?

Copper Accents

Martini Side Table | Fabric | Picture Frames | Wind Chimes | Flush Mount Light | Flatware

P.S. Did you see my accent wallpaper at the show house? I posted a quick pic on Instagram last night. I’m in LOVE!


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A Long-Awaited Makeover + New Carpet Runners on Our Split Staircase

Collective Bias Disclosure

You know those home projects that you’ve been wanting to do forever? Like the ones the former owner of your house left behind? And you couldn’t wait to get them completed so the place could finally feel like your own?

Every time you move into a new house, there’s always memories of the previous owner. Their paint color choices. Their botched-up DIY or their carpet that they installed on the stairs that is no where near your taste, as in the case in my house.

Our project was the removal and replacement of the old, dirty, dusty, dated stair runners that we lived with for almost five years. Blah. They were put in by the former owner of our house and I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. So much so that I ripped one out one afternoon while Dan was at work :-)

New Carpet Stair Runners

See what happens when you leave me alone with nothing to do? And that was several years ago. I was curious to see what the wood stairs looked like under that ugly carpet. To see how it would be without carpet on the stairs for a while. To see the rolled up runner in the garbage mostly.

Old Carpet on Stairs

We have a beautiful split staircase in our 115 year old house. There are two flights up to a landing where there is a stained glass window, and then a flight up to the second floor, so basically three sets of stairs. The two going up from the main floor of the house were very helpful on moving day and I love having such a unique feature in our home. We use both often.

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DIY Marble Tile Lamp + Nightstand Makeover + Giveaway

Collective Bias Disclosure

DIY Marble Lamp

Hello friends. I am going to start your Monday off with a bang because I not only have a DIY project, some info on a fun and helpful new light bulb (yes light bulbs can be fun), and a giveaway for you too!

These days along with my home office makeover and living room updates, we’ve been making some changes to our bedroom too. I love a good room refresh but most of it was because of bringing Cora home. I plan to do a very thorough, and hopefully very helpful post on how we prepared the home to bring home our baby, but today I wanted to show you a mini-makeover I did of my nightstand, a VIP area when you have a baby. Sleep is IMPORTANT, and there’s no better place to set yourself up for a good night, than near the bed.

So I decided to organize my nightstand, do a little furniture switcheroo, and make a lamp to help me keep day and night straight when I’m napping in the afternoon and up nursing at night. Because I’m a DIYer and I love a good project, plus every makeover needs a project.

Before I had an open shelf from the thrift store, that I painted and it was a messy, cluttered look in my opinion. The HOPE art I made with a spray painted frame and glitter paper (I spy me in the mirror!). I like that the sconce created more space on the night stand, but I wanted something a little more classy.

Night Stand Before

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Friday Favorites: Watercolor for the Home

Today I’m excited to start a new series here called Friday Favorites, where I get to show you some of the things I absolutely love, and maybe you will find a new piece of art or tip for your home.

As a DIY and design lover, I get to see all kinds of trends and projects and new things, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share them with you. This may be it! So come join me for a new adventure: Friday Favorites.

I thought it would be easy to have a sort of “theme” for each, that way it’s a nice, neat collection of items and ideas for you. I don’t know if this will happen every week, it will depend on my schedule.

Today’s round up is Friday Favorites: Watercolor for the Home.

We’ve been seeing watercolor around for a bit and it’s no surprise that this art form has materialized into prints, pillows and more. It’s bright, but casual and is such an interesting look. Dan (my husband) is an artist and just today I asked him to show me how to paint watercolor. Maybe I’ll share it on the blog. Think you’d want to learn too?

Sources are listed below.

Watercolor for the Home

Stripe Beach Towel | Floral Watercolor Wall Art | Striped Pillow Cover | Tissue Paper | Shower Curtain | Rug


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