Summer Home Tour + Guess What Colors I’m Decorating With These Days

Summer Home Tour

This season I’ve done something in my home that I’ve never done before.

I decorated with color.  I mean bright, make-me-smile color. Pinks, greens, coral, the whole deal. This is big!

I’ve tried bringing color into my home before and it just never stuck with me.  I’ve added it to walls, pillows and always ended up taking things down just a few weeks later. Most of my rooms are neutrals and texture, which I love. But all of a sudden I have new shades in my home and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

But something is different this summer, which has me trying totally new things in my home and I love it. For the first time, I’m not afraid to take some risks (at least for me) and am loving the results. Maybe it’s the show house closet makeover that I did that has me wanting to bring bright colors into my own home? Maybe it’s my baby girl who has me happier than ever?

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Show House Master Closet Makeover

Junior League of Buffalo Decorators Show House Master Closet Makeover

Hello! I’m very excited and proud to be showing you this makeover today.

This spring I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 40+ designers in the Junior League of Buffalo Decorators Show House. The space I took on was a 7′ x 10′ walk-in master closet in the carriage house on the property. The main home is 6,600+ square foot and the carriage house is about 1200 square feet. You can see all the show house projects here.

The closet was in need of a new wall color, floor, window treatments and more and I’m happy to say I took it from dreadful to dynamic with a mix of black, white and bold colors. I shared the before pictures of the closet here and the design for the space here. Now you get to see the after, and all of the work I put into it come to life.

It’s interesting working on a show house when you’re not actually a designer that has a company or employees. While other decorators are national brands or full-fledged organizations with many people on staff that can paint, move furniture and help, I did all of the work in this space alone, with the exception of help from my husband, cousin and friend.

Before I show the pictures, I need to thank these people and brands I got to work with on this.

First, Total Wall Covering provided me with the wallpaper for the room. I think it was THE show stopper and many visitors, both men and women, complimented it. Everyone loved the wallpaper. It is called Transitional Sidewall Pattern and can be found here. Thanks TWC! And thanks to my cousin Tim for helping me to hang it.

Second, many thanks to Goodwill Industries of Western New York that provided the clothing and accessories to stage this space. I had the idea to “shop” at Goodwill for the clothes for the closet and thankfully they were on board with my plan. I’ve gotten to work with the lovely staff at Goodwill in the past and they are a pleasure to partner with. Not to mention they have killer clothes! I may have bought one of the skirts for a mere $5.

Many thanks to Schuele Paint of Buffalo, which provided us with all of the paint for the space. The paint is from Benjamin Moore and colors are listed at the bottom of the post.

Last but not least, big hugs to my family who babysat Cora while I was rushing around to paint and decorate late at night and to my husband who installed the closet shelves and put up with a mess at our house during this time!

Now, the makeover. I feel like taking a bow! This was a labor of love for me and I am so grateful for the chance to work on a show house and create this room. It was my first outside of my home, and my first time putting together a room from start to finish before even being in the room (we had just brought Cora home from the hospital when they had bidding day), and my first time sourcing everything all at once. Usually my rooms come together over years!

I’m pretty much in love with it and hope you are too :-)

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Make an Old Sign from a Footboard

How to Make an Old Sign

This month in our neighborhood is bulk trash month, which is just about the best time of year if you love to do furniture makeovers. You can find all kinds of pieces, some practically new, that you can take some paint to and make your own.

One project I’ve really wanted to make was an old sign, so I was hoping to find a piece I could use either at the flea market, or if I was lucky enough, during bulk trash month from my neighbor’s curb.  One day I happened to find a foot board from a bed right down the street. Yes! It was the perfect shape to make into a sign. When someone throws something out, I usually take it for a project. With some paint and lettering, you can make this or any piece into an old sign. Here’s how.


  • Footboard – You could pick one up at a thrift or salvage store for only a few dollars
  • Sand paper
  • TSP
  • Chalk paint or regular paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sealant like wax or polycrylic
  • Printer and paper
  • Scissors, tape, ballpoint pen


This was the foot board I scored on the curb. It had a perfectly rounded top with molding on it and had the shape of an antique sign. I remember seeing one like this at Ballard Designs that sells for hundreds of dollars. Since I had all the supplies for this, it cost me nothing! The legs were really neat, but we ended up cutting them off to make this a sign. I thought it would look better that way. Who knows, maybe I’ll make something else out of the legs?

How to Make an Old Sign

Lightly sand down the foot board and clean it with TSP. This will prep it for painting and take off any dirt.

How to Make an Old Sign

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Show House Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

After all the busy weeks preparing the show house, it has finally opened. This is the Junior League of Buffalo’s Decorator Show House, which is in the City of Buffalo and is an impressive 6600+ square feet of locally designed spaces, both indoors and out.

I got to design a walk-in closet (I’ll show that makeover soon) and my decorating partner in crime, my cousin Tim, got to do the master bedroom. Both of these spaces are in the carriage house on the property. I showed pics of the master bedroom and after seeing those, I can’t believe I waited so long to be now showing the after photos. This space is quite a transformation.

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How to Color Block a Wall

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How to Color Block a Wall

Not only am I working on a makeover of a walk-in closet in the show house this month, but I’m also helping my cousin Tim with the master bedroom he is making over for the room too. It’s a large space in the carriage house on the property of the show house and since it will get seen by tens of thousands of people, he decided to do something fun on the walls.

There are tons of paint options to add a little pizzaz to your home. Stripes, ceilings, even different shapes like chevron. Most people think of painting an entire wall but you can get a fun look with color blocking. This means to basically create a block of color on the wall.

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Show House Carriage House Master Bedroom Before

We’re closing in on the show house opening in about a week and a half and it’s pretty exciting to see a room evolve as each layer gets added. My cousin Tim and I are on this makeover journey together, neither of us had done a show house space before. I’m making over a walk-in closet and he is doing this master bedroom.

Show House Bedroom Before

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Show House Updates + The Baby Helps Us DIY

Things are getting busy around here with the show house opening next weekend. We’ve only got a few days left to decorate our spaces and it feels kind of like one of those home remodel shows where they do an entire kitchen makeover in 48 hours. Ahhh!

There’s been a ton of repair in the carriage house where my closet is, so about half the time it’s been closed and we can’t work there. I’ve been rushing to work and paint after Dan gets home from work and as of today my space doesn’t even have a floor yet. Small detail right?

Here’s what I’ve done so far. If you remember the design and the before, once we got paint on the walls, things started to look a little better. I tested out what the curtains fabric looked like and was really excited to see it in the space. This fabric was the inspiration for the entire design.

Show House Curtains

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