How to Make Pine Cone Garland

How to Make Pine Cone Garland

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year and an opportunity to get creative with entertaining, cooking and decorating. Mostly, I love to make things simple and today’s lesson on how to make pine cone garland will be just that. An easy, quick, not to mention very inexpensive craft you can do to decorate your home this season. You saw it on my holiday home tour last Friday, and it can be done in about 30 minutes {minus an adventurous walk in the woods to get pine cones}, here is how.


  • Pine cones – These can be found simply going outside and looking around the pine trees. Depending on where you live, you’ll find all kinds of sizes. If you collect pine cones from outdoors, be sure to ‘de-bug’ them by baking them for 30 minutes on a low temperature. You can also get pine cones at craft stores, thrift stores, flea markets and such. Or maybe in a friend’s attic? Put those old holiday decorations to a new use.
  • Just twine or ribbon – This is to hang the cones. You can use anything you might like, or what matches your style.
  • Screw Eyes – Find these in the hardware section at the home improvement store. A small box will only cost a few dollars.
  • Optional supplies include a drill with a small bit and E6000® Craft Adhesive {Affiliate link}

How to Make Pine Cone Garland

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Holiday Decor Ideas + Raiding My Craft Stash

Holiday Decor Ideas

You’ve may have noticed that one of my favorite things to do lately is head down into the basement and come up with things to make from the hoard of items in my craft closet. OK, it’s not only a closet, it’s a set of shelves and a bunch of bins too.  Filled with stuff I’ve collected over the years. Filled. To rival Joanns and Michaels combined.

You can see all the projects I’ve made for FREE with those items HERE. I call it my thrifty decorating plan. My use-what-you-got method. After all it costs me nothing!

Today I’m participating with 12 of my favorite blogger friends to show you some last-minute holiday crafts by using what we have.

No running to the craft store at the last minute.  No waiting in line and fighting the crowds.

Just good old quality time between you, glitter and your glue gun. If you are coming over from one of the gals participating, welcome! Don’t forget to go to the space between next to see what Karah has made to continue on the tour.

This season I’ve made not one but SIX holiday decor ideas made from things I already own. From rustic to sparkly, you’re sure to find one you love. Here’s to using what you’ve got!

Holiday Tree Skirt + Table Runner

One item that takes up a ton of room in the craft closet is fabric. Why do we always go buy more when we have tons in stock? Solve that mystery for me and we’ll be BCF {Best Craft Friends} forever.

This simple tree skirt and table runner are made up of leftover fabric, a furry trim, ribbon and some felt. Get creative! Maybe yours will feature trees or stars instead.

HERE is how to make them.

Holiday Tree Skirt

Gold Thumbtack Tree Wall Art

This project is a combo craft closet and office supply raid. Gold thumbtacks? Yes sir! Shape them into a tree, Santa, or reindeer.

The how to is right HERE.

Christmas Tree Wall Art

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Modern Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to my holiday home tour, where my old house’s halls are decked in my modern style for the season, just for you. Today I’m one of the last stops in a week-long Home for the Holidays Blog Tour, which by now you’ve probably seen a lot of. Us bloggers love to give a good home tour, especially at this time of year. Thanks to tour host and my Haven Conference friend,  Sondra Lyn at Home, and co-host is Michele from Our Rosey Life.

Home for the Holidays 2014 - SondraLyn at Home

The biggest news happening at my house these days is, we brought home our baby girl on Tuesday! Everything is going well, she is adorable, and we are getting used to our new lives as a family of three. With the new baby, we are still decorating! So my tour will be a collection of the best my holiday decor and inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

Holiday Mantels and Trees

Winter Felt Trees

Holiday mantel

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No Mantel for Holiday Stockings? No Problem.

Today I’m over at Pretty Handy Girl with a must-read holiday DIY project. I show you a fun and unique way to hang holiday stockings even if you don’t have a mantel or stair railing. You can put them in a picture frame!

Read the post HERE.

Christmas Stockings

And if this doesn’t make you want to crawl up in the attic to bring down the decorations, I don’t know what will!

Come back Friday for my holiday home tour, see you then.

Holiday Glitter Houses

Holiday Glitter Houses

Most of us collect something right? Do you have a set of meaningful items that you love to look at or bring out on special occasions? Maybe it’s dishes, salt and pepper shakers (my grandparents have dozens of sets from every trip they took), or holiday ornaments that you bring out at this time of year?

For me I love these little metal glitter houses. Way back in the day I worked at Bath and Body Works, and at the time the store was connected to The White Barn Candle Company (do they even have those anymore?). As employees we got to see all the merchandise before everyone else. I fell in love with this little white house candle holder. It was pretty, covered in glitter, and had such a warm presence I had to bring it home with me.

Holiday Glitter Houses

Then I spotted a silver house while at an arts and crafts festival about two years ago and my little glitter house collection began. Two certainly makes a collection I say.

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Cleaning Granite Countertops + Kitchen Upgrade $2,000 Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rock-it Oil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now is the time of year when most of us have lots of company over and we spend lots of time getting our houses clean and tidy. Especially the kitchen, where people love to gather. In our home, we have granite countertops and I’ve learned to use specific granite cleaner to keep them looking their best.

I’d been looking for a new granite cleaner and found one at Home Depot in the cleaning department. If you go on Home Depot’s web site, it will even tell you exactly which aisle the product is in at your local store. It’s called Rock-it Oil Stone and not only has a cool name and is environmentally friendly, but it can be used on granite, stone, soap stone and other surfaces. Just what I was looking for.

BUT I don’t just want to tell you about a new cleaner, because what would be the fun in that…. I want to let you know you can enter to win one of several prizes in a Twitter chat, and $2,000 towards a kitchen upgrade! Believe me, our kitchen could use some upgrades, whose couldn’t?

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Our counters are a black and tan mixed granite called Sapphire Blue. I wrote about how we purchased a remnant piece for the island in the kitchen to match the rest of the room, since it wasn’t matched when we moved in. Granite and laminate counters in the same room are not such a good look in my opinion.

Granite Countertops

I have a very simple routine for cleaning – I use only environmentally friendly products. Especially when cleaning granite countertops. That way we never have to worry about chemicals getting into our food. I realized once we moved in that a specific granite cleaner worked best for our countertops, because when I didn’t use it, they developed a dull film that I couldn’t get off. See the film and streaks?

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99 Handmade Holiday Gifts + Holiday Tree Skirt and Table Runner

Holiday Tree Skirt

This is that time of year when we start thinking of ways to share the spirit of giving with our loved ones by coming up with gift ideas for them. In stead of buying new things at a store, I enjoy making presents I know they will enjoy. And since sewing is one of my favorite hobbies, I came up with this holiday tree skirt and table runner for someone special. Except I can’t tell you who or that would ruin the surprise!

These two pieces are not typically items we’d think to buy for ourselves so I thought they would be a special treat to make for someone else. The best part is, I made them for free with fabric I already had on hand. Today I’m participating with 98 other bloggers to share handmade holiday gift ideas all week long. You can see all the ideas and enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card below!

To make a table runner, all you need is a longer piece of fabric that is about 14 inches wide. Hem the edges and add any decorative elements you’d like. I cut out white snowflakes out of felt and after gluing them on with fabric glue, I sewed them on with white thread to secure them to the runner. For the edges I added silver ribbon for a metallic glimmer.

Holiday Tree Skirt

Holiday Tree Skirt

This was the first time I tried ruffling the ribbon. I say it came out pretty good?

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