5 Reasons to Move the Furniture Around in Your Home

5 Reasons to Move the Furniture Around in Your Home

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be on a professional design show?

You know the ones where they make over an entire space within 48 hours or less?

Don’t you watch those and think

I can do that to my house, no problem!

Last Friday I switched around our bedroom furniture while Dan was at work. I LOVE the element of surprise, not to mention having a little fun for no reason at all other than I was bored with the previous layout. I call it my very own makeover madness, except I don’t have a crew of helpers and there’s no camera people around, thank goodness.

Moving around furniture, art, rugs, and accessories can be great therapy, among other positive benefits. Here’s why it’s a fun idea to move around the furniture in your home.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Paint

Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Paint

Hello all! I hope you had a nice weekend and are enjoying sum weather. It’s my favorite season for DIY and home decorating because I get to paint all kinds of things outdoors. And basically take over the garage and make it into my furniture repair and paint department.  I realized there are lots of things you can paint and wanted to share some ideas with you. Here’s five things you didn’t know you could paint.

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How to Paint Over a Poster

How to Paint over a Poster

Do you have art in your home that you’re tired of? Wish you could give it a makeover? Have some nice frames but they just need something new inside? I’ve got a great idea to share with you today, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do to give your artwork a new life. If you ever wondered if you can paint over a poster, the answer is yes!

A while back I picked up this poster in a frame on the side of the road. Yes, I do that sometimes. It had a great frame, the thin metal kind, that I’ve been buying lots of at the thrift stores (like for my gallery wall), but no glass, which was fine. And I wanted something new in our foyer to replace the homasote bulletin board, so up it went.

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Friday Favorites: DIY Lamp + Lighting Resources

One of my favorite projects to do is make a new light fixture or lamp.  It’s so easy and makes such a big impact when you can customize a new project. If you are like me and can take on a good lamp makeover then sometimes you’ve looked for parts to do so. And that can be hard, which is why I’m sharing my favorite resources for lighting and lamp projects today. Some of these companies are new to me, and some I’ve actually not purchased anything from before, but would love to try them out.

Take a look at these fantastic finds. Colored light cords, yes! Parts to fix or assemble your own lamps, yes! Plus there’s more. How about a make-your-own lamp shade kit? Where have you been all my DIY life? See the links below for where to find these fabulous items and have a great weekend!

See some of my light projects below:


DIY Lighting Resources

Pendant cord light set | Fabric tapered shade | Gold mirrored globe bulb | Agate geode lamp finial | Make your own Sputnik chandelier | DIY Lampshade kit


How to Tile a Small Table

How to Tile a Small Table

With the weather getting warmer, I’m completing lots of outdoor projects these days. One DIY adventure I’ve never actually tackled is tiling, but I’ve always wanted to. Today I’m going to show you how to tile a small table top. It’s easier than you think and is perfect for the outdoors too.

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Friday Favorites: Flamingos

Happy Friday! I’m back with another edition of Friday Favorites where I share my most recent design and decor loves. This week I have flamingos on the brain. After my hot pink accented show house closet and the accent color I’ve brought into my home this season, flamingos are a perfect and quirky summer symbol. You can bring them to your couch, table or walls, and of course your landscaping.

Maybe you’ll be bod enough to pop some flamingo ornaments onto your lawn this summer?

 Flamingos for the Home

Framed Wall Art | Seedpod Birds | Black Fabric | Wall Organizer | Jewelry Holder | Pillow | Tableware | Tablecloth | Lawn Statues

Don’t forget to see the rest of the homes on the Summer Tour of Homes. Here is the entire list. Have a great weekend!

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Summer Home Tour + Guess What Colors I’m Decorating With These Days

Summer Home Tour

This season I’ve done something in my home that I’ve never done before.

I decorated with color.  I mean bright, make-me-smile color. Pinks, greens, coral, the whole deal. This is big!

I’ve tried bringing color into my home before and it just never stuck with me.  I’ve added it to walls, pillows and always ended up taking things down just a few weeks later. Most of my rooms are neutrals and texture, which I love. But all of a sudden I have new shades in my home and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

But something is different this summer, which has me trying totally new things in my home and I love it. For the first time, I’m not afraid to take some risks (at least for me) and am loving the results. Maybe it’s the show house closet makeover that I did that has me wanting to bring bright colors into my own home? Maybe it’s my baby girl who has me happier than ever?

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