Gold Thumbtack Christmas Tree Wall Art

Christmas Tree Wall Art

One place I always forget to decorate for the holidays is on my walls. Sure I put up a tree and display my crafts and decor on the buffet and shelves and other places, but I’ve never actually hung any holiday art up! I was determined to change that this year, so off to my craft closet I went.

I’ve been focusing on thrifty decorating these days, since I have so many supplies already and who isn’t up for saving money, that I put this together with items I already had on hand. See all my made-with-what-I-have projects HERE.

But first, the Gold Thumbtack Christmas Tree Wall Art. This s so easy to make. All you need is an empty picture frame, a piece of foam board, tape and gold thumbtacks, which you can find at the dollar store. I bet you can find the frame, tape and at least poster board (which would work the same) at the dollar store too?

Cut the foam to fit inside the frame and map out your tree. I centered mine on the board and marked it lightly with pencil where the lines would go. Definitely use a ruler for this part and you will thank yourself when your tree comes out straight.

Christmas Tree Wall Art

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Have a Branch? Make a Wood Slice Wreath

We got our first snow fall of the season two nights ago – I am in a festive mood! The funny part about living in Buffalo is that some people will get 3 feet overnight and some will get 2 inches. Guess what happened at my house…

Nothing! We barely have two inches. Guess we lucked out on that one but some towns have driving bans and mine and my husband’s appointments for the day got cancelled. That means I’m inside crafting away.

Today I’m over at Redhead Can Decorate where I show you how to make this rustic wood slice wreath. It’s much quicker to make than you think! So head out in the wood and collect some branches, then go over to visit Julie to see how to put one together for yourself.

Read the post HERE.

Rustic Wood Slice Wreath

P.S. No baby yet. I’m 39 weeks today, only one more to go!


Make a Natural Greenery Wreath

Lately I’m loving making things with supplies I have in my craft closet. Once I realized how much material I have, the possibilities of what I can come up with are endless. Especially now at the holidays when I make all kinds of things for my home.

When my sister got married a few years ago she had lots of greens, ribbon and candles as her centerpieces and decor, so when we got to take them home, they all went right up on my mantel. {Yes I did say a few years ago, and I’ve never gotten to show you what I made with all the stuff!}

Natural Greenery Wreath

There’s nothing easier to make than a wreath, especially one like this with a wire wreath form and some greens you can either buy, find, or better yet, pick up for free when you go cut down your own Christmas tree. And there isn’t much better than free holiday decor!

To make a natural greenery wreath, all you need is a wire wreath form, free greens, floral wire and wire cutters. Simply cut small piece of wire to wrap the greenery onto the wreath.

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The Best Home Depot DIY Workshop Ever!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Get excited because you are going to see 3 amazing things in this post about my recent Home Depot DIY Workshop:

  1. How to set up an entire lumber aisle to accommodate 80 DIYers
  2. How much fun you can have learning new skills at a Home Depot near you and,
  3. What my 37 week baby belly looks like in the orange apron. Are you ready?!

This past Saturday I got to partner with Home Depot and present at one of their DIY workshops at a local store. This workshop was about how to make an outdoor lighted yard tree, perfect for your holiday decorating this time of year. Home Depot offers all types of FREE workshops for kids, women and anyone who want to come learn various home improvement skills like gardening, deck staining, and unique functional projects for both inside and outside your home. They are a great way to learn new things and meet new people.

When I arrived the store early in the morning, I got to meet Lyn, the store manager, and her amazing team of associates who LOVE putting on workshops for people just like you. And I got an amazing orange apron of my own! Thankfully it did fit around the belly :-)

Home Depot DIY Workshop

Home Depot DIY Workshop

Imagine my surprise when they told me there were 80 people signed up to attend the workshop! So they had to set up an entire lumber aisle for everyone to have space.

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I just love November since it is so full of cool nights where you can cuddle up with loved ones and otherwise opportunities to gather with friends and family. Not to mention the sweaters, warm tea, and flannel sheets, I love fall! At our house last weekend we hosted a friends Thanksgiving, and that has me thinking of all the ways to create a warm and inviting table. Today I’ve gathered up Thanksgiving table ideas for you. Maybe you’ll find a new way to decorate your holiday dinner, come see!

Thanksgiving Table Ideas


With decorating, sometimes the difference between a bare table and plate setting and a magazine-worthy one, is because of the layers. Think about the different elements you can bring to the table to give it some dimension and depth. It can be fabrics, place settings, candles and holders or flowers.

Try a table cloth, runner and charger for that layered look, like I did here when I made this holiday table runner.

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Easy Fabric Coasters + A Holiday Gift Idea


DIY Fabric Coasters

I realize recently I have such an enormous collection of supplies in my craft stash. So many that I wanted to try and see what I could make from the materials, without buying anything. Sound like a good challenge? Especially around the holidays right? I’m thinking I might put together a 12 Days of Free Holiday Projects series, how does that sound? Then you can get some ideas of what kinds of things to make with your craft hoard stash too. {See the other free projects I’ve made here}.

Fabric is one of those materials. I’ve got bins of it. That doesn’t stop me from buying more though does it :-)

DIY Fabric Coasters

Today I’m going to start with an easy and super cheap fabric project, DIY fabric coasters. I love sewing and find it to be a relaxing yet productive activity. When I’m done making something like a table runner or reupholstering an ottoman I always try to think of what I can do with the leftover fabric. These small coasters were just the solution. Plus they make a great gift idea and tis the season for giving something specially made by you. Your family will love them, I promise. Here is how to make DIY fabric coasters.


  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors or cutting mat and rotary cutter
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pencil or disapearing ink sewing marker
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Batting for in between is optional, but I did use it

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DIY Copper Striped Candle Holders

Copper is hot in home decor these days. I think it’s a perfect metallic for the fall’s cozy warm days and it looks great at home with many interior colors and accessories. I made these simple copper striped candle holders that work great on the patio, mantel or side table with just dollar store vases, painters tape and spray paint.

Copper Striped Candle Holders

Here is the how to. First, on your next trip to the dollar store, pick up some glass vases. They always have a great selection there and at only a buck a piece, it’s easy to get supplies for your newest decorating project. I actually had these on hand, so this was a free project! I’ve added it to my list of things I’ve made from my craft stash.

See the dollar store hurricanes I made here.  You’ll also need painters tape and spray paint. That’s all!

Candle Holder Supplies

The best part about this project, besides that it costs so little, is that you can make any pattern on the glass that you want. Since they will be spray painted, create any pattern and use any color paint. I made simple stripes, but I bet some swirls or vertical lines would look nice.

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