Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths + Home Depot DIY Workshop

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

This post is sponsored by the Home Depot. All opinions are my own.

Hello! I recovered from Friendsgiving this past weekend to bring you this very fun project today. It’s one of my holiday favorites! Thanks to everyone who helped #PickMyDecor from Saturday’s post. Here’s what I was painting all along.

I decorated a Holiday Wreath Trio with my friends at the Home Depot and not only can you get inspiration from me and 22 other blogger friends who have also made their own versions of the wreath decorating project, but you can sign up to decorate wreaths yourself at your local Home Depot this Saturday.

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

Spray Painted Holiday Wreaths at Decor Adventures

First I’m going to show you how I spray painted green wreaths. Yes, it can be done! Then we’ll review to to decorate and hang them up. I’ve got step by step instructions, believe me, it’s a fun and easy project for anyone whose ever wanted a little more color to their holiday wreaths. Let’s get started.

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New Adventures: Periscope + Pick My Decor

Happy Weekend! Today we are celebrating Friendsgiving with 5 other couples and this year will be like none other since there will be four babies! Apparently there was something in the cranberries last year. But it will be super fun and I can’t wait to relax for a few days.

I wanted to share with you two new adventures I have going on here at DA.


First, I’m on Persicope! Have you seen it? Periscope, or Scope as the inter webs have nicknamed it, is an app that lets you live video broadcast from anywhere. It’s very addicting and is a reason I’m excited about blogging again.

Decor Adventures on Periscope

No fancy video set ups, no editing, just straight up live which chat whenever you feel like it. So far I’ve done four broadcasts, one was last night and I’m trying to perfect my technique. Your Periscope name is your Twitter handle, which makes it even easier not to have to pick and create a profile. Mine is: DecorAdventures.

Find me on Periscope HERE.


This is a project I am VERY excited about and it’s all about YOU!

I’ve been thinking of a way to help you out with any home decor projects or ideas you have going on in your life.

Maybe there’s a paint color you are trying to pick out but can’t decide. Maybe you don’t know how to mix patterns at home. Or maybe you just want some feedback on how you’ve put a room together.

This is where #PickMyDecor comes in. It’s a way to be part of a community where you can talk with others about your ideas.

Post a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PickMyDecor (capitalization doesn’t matter) and ask for feedback.

Then once you find pictures on any of those platforms, leave comments for others.

It’s a fun way to see what other people have going on and to offer your support and to show you how it works, I’ll start.

Coming soon (like Monday soon), I’m doing a holiday project in my living room. And I want help deciding which metallic color to use. Copper or Gold?

Painted Holiday Garland

Yes I actually will be painting green garland and the project will be in my newly-painted living room.

So help me #PickMyDecor, which color do you like best?

Our living room has medium gray, white, navy blue, and tan. Here’s a shot of the colors up against the gray wall. Which one stands out to you? Let me know!

Painted Holiday Garland

Now you can get to it also. Post a picture and use the hashtag #PickMyDecor and let’s decorate together!

I’m going to post this on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can see it there too.

Have a great weekend!

Five Ideas to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BIGSeason #BigLots #CollectiveBias

Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

I always find that decorating my home between Halloween and New Year’s is a challenge, don’t you? I mean, pumpkins are over, but it’s too early for presents.  Do I decorate for Thanksgiving and then take it all down before I decorate for Christmas a few weeks after? That seems like way too much time. How do I make it festive, yet welcoming and not get overwhelmed?

This year I decided to keep thing simple (a favorite motto of mine) and set the house up once and forget about it. Then I can enjoy all the highlights of the season and the real things that matter.

I came up with five ideas to decorate your home from now through New Year’s. They are simple ideas you can implement in any room and once you get it all done, you can relax and enjoy some cocoa!

Many thanks to my friends at Big Lots, where I got to shop for this decor. Styles and assortment vary by store, but they have a tremendous selection, so please take a shopping trip there first for your holiday decorating needs. I found everything from trees, stockings, ornaments, dishes and lots of other festive items.

Here’s five ideas to decorate your home for the holidays.

Decorate the Entry Way

A festive entryway sets the mood for all the experiences guests will have in your home. So make it special! Trees, presents and your favorite holiday decor will create the perfect atmosphere for a celebration.

This is our front foyer, which leads into the living room. Instead of one big tree, this year I decided to set up 3 little ones for a winter village scenes with my glitter houses from last year. Why not use multiple trees, who says you have to have just one!?

Ideas to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

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Our New Mattress: The Dream Bed

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™.

When I got my first real job, with my first real salary, guess what I spent my grown-up money on?

No purses. No shoes. No girls night out.

I bought myself a bed.

Yes, being the responsible person I am,  I made a grown up move and got a mattress, box spring and bed frame. It was my first “big” purchase and I was so excited.

That was 15 years ago and sadly, up until this past weekend, we were still sleeping on that same grown up bed. We needed a new mattress badly, but the thought of shopping for one and deciding which to get was overwhelming. We barely have time to eat dinner together with work, activities and our baby girl, but we are new-ish parents who are busy but very much need a great night’s sleep.

I had heard of buying a mattress online and having it shipped to my house but there are so many questions in doing this.

What does it feel like? Will it be comfortable? How do we put it together? What if we don’t like it?

Thankfully all of these questions were answered in the few minutes it took for us to assemble and try out our new mattress, The Dream Bed™.

The Dream Bed is a bed-in-a-box mattress you can buy online or in person, under the company Mattress Firm, and has only been around for a few months. We’ve had the chance to receive a Queen size dream bed and are enjoying the quality and comfort of it. Yay, a restful night for us! Not only is is super easy to assemble, but ordering a Dream Bed is a way to do something amazing for someone else with their giving back program, called Dream It Forward.

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Gift Guide for the New Dad + A Giveaway

Today I’m joining with more than 60 blog friends to bring you The Complete 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! The gift guide is a collection of gift ideas for everyone on your list. Think the babysitter, the teacher, the runner, and LOTS more people you will shop for this season. Yesterday I showed you the Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover (and you can enter to win a prize too!).

Today is The Gift Guide for the New Dad and how perfect for me to be able to pick this out for you. With our little one approaching one year, we definitely know what you need when a baby comes into your life and Dan helped pick these items out.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Gift Guide for the New Dad

Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post where you can enter to win a giveaway. Our friends at Behr Paint are giving away one FREE gallon of Marquee paint and I’m throwing in a $25 Amazon gift card too! Enter via the Rafflecopter at the end of the post. The winner will be chosen in one week. Good luck.

Plus the links to all of the other gift guides are at the bottom of the post too. You can enter to win something at each gift guide!

Gift Guide for the New Dad

We definitely know what happens in your life and home when a new baby comes home. We’ve had so much fun over the past year watching Cora grow and when I told Dan I was doing this gift guide, he offered to help pick out some items. Take a look at our selections for gifts for the new dad in your life. Keep Reading

Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover + A Giveaway

Are you excited about holiday shopping this year? How about holiday shopping where you don’t even have to leave your house? Today is a very fun post for you, it’s the start of The Complete 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

I’m actually doing two gift guides this year (which I previewed here), so today I’ll show you my favorite items for The Coffee Lover in your life. The gift guide for the New Dad will be up tomorrow, along with the rest of the 60+ gift guides for everyone on your list, and a giveaway for each guide!

This post contains affiliate links. 

Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover

Before we start our coffee talk, make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post where you can enter to win a giveaway. Pelican Water (affiliate link) is giving away a FREE water filter, for either the shower or for drinking water. (Click on the links to see the item.)

Enter via the Rafflecopter at the end of the post. The winner will be chosen in one week. Good luck!

Coffee is a main food group in my house. I blame it on my husband. I never used to drink coffee until we met and now we have 2 coffee machines, a percolator, the grinder, lots of mugs, about 27 bags of coffee through the cupboards and all the accessories to boot. Here are some of my favorite coffee loving items and ideas for that favorite java lover in your life.

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Crafter’s Dream Gift Basket Giveaway

Hi friends! I’ve got a fun post for you today. Yesterday was my birthday and other years as a thank you for being awesome readers I’ve given away present to YOU. Today I’ve put together a very fun gift basket of all kinds of DIY supplies, but the fun doesn’t end there.

I’m participating with some blog friends in a giveaway blog hop, which means you can enter to win MANY gift baskets. We call them it Crafter’s Dream because each giveaway is valued at at least $50 and is filled with all kinds of supplies to make your DIY projects a go this season and beyond.

Here’s what I’d love to give to you:

Decor Adventures Gift Basket Giveaway

Get your ideas ready, because you’re about to win the following (* indicates an affiliate link):

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