Why You Should Install a Keyless Deadbolt

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Once we had children, I couldn’t help but think of ways to make my life simpler. Like getting rid of excess stuff, to having a vacuum do the work for me, life has been about simplification and saving time.

One product I actually put on my baby registry was a keyless door entry system because all I could think of was how I would manage keys, a baby, a diaper bag and all that stuff. Sadly nobody got me that system, but recently I got to work with Schlage® to install one and am going to convince you why you should install a keyless deadbolt too.

Why You Should Install a Keyless Deadbolt

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Tips for Using a Robotic Vacuum

Tips for Using a Robotic Vacuum

The floors in our house get extremely dusty and we don’t even have pets.  They’ve been a sore spot for me since I realized how much work it takes to clean them on a regular basis. We’d have to sweep, vacuum, wash, and with all the area rugs, it’s quite a pain. Not to mention very time consuming.

I’ve secretly had a robotic vacuum on my wish list ever since I realized they would solve all my floor cleaning problems, save me time, and keep our home cleaner in general.  Plus do the work for me!  With grad school, a toddler, 2 businesses I run from home, and a husband that owns his own, sadly, cleaning is not at the top of our list.  I feel like I’m always apologizing to guests for our dusty floors.

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How to Set up an Easy Cleaning Routine

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How to Set up an Easy Cleaning Routine

One thing I’m not very good at is cleaning my home.

I’ve admitted it. I don’t have a cleaning schedule, regular routine, nor the best products to use to get my house as clean as it should be. I’m taking this as a challenge to finally set a routine, make my own cleaning products and get to work!

Here are my three tips for creating an easy cleaning routine.

Create a Cleaning List that Works for You

There are many cleaning checklists all over the internet, but what if they don’t fit you home and life? If you don’t have pets, children, a dining room, then sometimes these lists can be useless.

I say, make a list of all the cleaning you’d like to do to your house on a daily, weekly, monthly and season basis. Walk around your house with a pen and paper (or your laptop if you like to work paperless like I do) and make a list in each room of the cleaning tasks that have to be done. Then write if they should be daily, weekly, monthly, etc you get the picture.

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40 Easy Thrift Store Makeovers

SWAP It Like Its Hot at Decor Adventures

One of the things us DIY bloggers are known for is taking thrift store finds, whether it be furniture, knick knacks or other things, and making them over into beautiful items for your home. So when we get challenges to do just that, we say YES! Bring on the makeovers.

For several years, a group of us participate in #SwapitLikeitsHot, a makeover challenge where we shop for used item and send them to someone else to transform. At the bottom of this post you’ll see all the links to the participants in this year’s season of the Swap. Be sure to click through for all the makeover projects.

If you’ve never shopped at a thrift store, you don’t know what you’re missing. There are tons of treasures to be found and tons of options for making them into something new. You can:

  • Paint it
  • Foil it
  • Stain it
  • Cut it up
  • Connect it to something else
  • Take it apart and put it back together

You can see examples of all of these at the blogs below.

For my makeover, Michelle at Weekend Craft sent me a box full of goodies, some of which I can’t even makeover yet cause of our terrible weather. {It snowed this past weekend, boo}.

I got a set of black wire baskets; a small set of drawers for sewing; a big bag of gold pencils; and a wooden sign.

Thrift Store Items Before

I plan to makeover the sign and use the baskets as a planter outside but the pencils, I was stumped! Maybe a radial wall hanging? A letter made out of pencils? Or just give them to Dan to use golfing for the next 78 years?

While I was thinking I grabbed the small chest of sewing supplies and got to work. With a quick cut with my hand saw and a few coats of spray paint a new little shelf for my essential oils was born. Since I tend to misplace them all over the house, this will remind me of which is where when I need it.

Essential Oil Storage Shelf Makeover

Go visit Jess at Bright Green Door to see what shamed with the items I sent her and have fun visiting the Swap! Catch all the fun on social media t #SwapitLikeitsHot


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How to Grout Pebble Tile

How to Grout Pebble Tile

In our house we are lucky enough to have a bathroom in the basement. Not exactly common in many houses, but since we have a laundry room down there and all of our tools and DIY supplies, it’s pretty handy.

We’ve been renovating this bathroom for three years.

Yes, I said it. Not all room makeovers happen in 48 hours like on tv.

We took this bathroom down the foundation and have since done tons of work on it, and we’re almost done. I’ll be super excited to cross this off of our DIY project list very soon.

One of the projects we did on our own was the tiling in the shower. This included the floor and walls. Dan installed the tile, I did the grouting.

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Five Great Storage Solutions for Small Houses + Small Home Tour

Hello! Today some blog friends and I have gathered together to take you on a tour of our small houses. Come on in and find some inspiration!

Five Great Storage Solutions for Small Houses

How small is small? Well, these days, home sizes range from tiny to tremendous, so it’s all up to you. My home’s living area including bedrooms is about 1800 square feet. We love the features of our super old house, and make the most of organizing our things in every room with a baby, two businesses and lots of hobbies going on within.

If you are new here, welcome. I’m Jessica and this is my favorite space to be, my home. By day I’m a Ph.D. student, but by night I’m an DIY loving gal at heart. Read more about me here and my home here.

In addition to showing you some of the rooms in my place, I put together some ideas on where to store things in your small space too. Because it’s always fun to see how people live and organize in different homes, apartments, barns, condos and rentals. But you need ideas on where to put everything right? No worries, here are five great storage solutions for small houses and a spin around our casa.

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How to Really Clean Your Kitchen in 8 Steps + Free Checklist

8 Steps to a Really Clean Kitchen

You know that feeling you get when your house is super clean, all the laundry is done and you’ve put away all the clutter? It’s amazing right? Today I want to share with you how to finally, really, and easily get a super clean kitchen except you don’t have to spend all day scrubbing and it is with all natural cleaners. PLUS I have a free kitchen cleaning checklist below this post for you to use, reuse and love!

I’m joining 26 of my blog friends to bring you 6 days of organizing tips, ideas and inspiration to get 2016 off with a bang. We’ve got ideas for the kitchen, pantry, teen room, laundry room and more to help you finally get your ship into shape and enjoy the spaces you live in.

I’m sharing 8 steps for how to really clean your kitchen. Ahh, the kitchen. The work horse of the home right?

I’m in the kitchen 80% of the day, I’m sure of it.  These days Cora is crawling all over the floor so it needs to be washed often and without chemicals.

Which is why it feels so good to give it a deep clean every once in a while. Monthly, weekly if that’s your thing, whatever works for you.

I scanned the room and thought of everything I could to come up with the most-simple, NATURAL, get-things-shiny to do list for cleaning the kitchen and here it is. And there’s a free printable at the end of this post for you too! So grab that and start your year off right with a squeaky clean gathering spot. After all, everyone always hangs out in the kitchen right?

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